Elizabeth About To Delete Her Instagram, Boseman Supporters Trolled Her For Missing Tribute

Social Media timelines have been repl*te with messages marking a tribute to the recently dec*ased actor Chadwick Boseman.

If one were to analyze trends on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok they would be inu*dated with tributes in honor of the man who brought the African Avenger to life on the big screen.

Obviously, this would include his co-stars in the 23-film Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as multiple directors, producers, executives, and screenwriters.

Even DC Comics, home of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, who Marvel Comics founder Stan Lee jokingly referred to as the “Dist!nguished Competition,” paid respects to the fallen portrayer of the King of Wakanda.

However, observant Marvel fans were swift to identify one particular Avenger who had remained silent. Elizabeth Olsen, who plays the Avenger Wanda Maximoff, the code-named “Scarlet W!tch,” hadn’t made any recognition of the 43-year-old Boseman’s untimely passing as nearly all of her comic book movie industry colleagues have.

Those av!d fans absolutely let her have it online. The onsla*ght was so severe that Olsen deleted her Instagram page. Olsen is noted to be an infrequent user of the medium often leaving elo*gated lapses between posts prior to the unfortunate news.

Olsen has portrayed the super-powered Avenger since 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron. She made three additional appearances in Captain America: Civil W*r, Avengers: Infinity W*r, and the saga-ending Avengers: Endgame.

Since then, Marvel Studios announced a move to produce programming for the Disney+ streaming service. A series focusing on her character and her significant other has been announced titled, “WandaVision,” which is scheduled to debut later this year. Several have prog*osticated a likely return to Instagram for Olsen to assist with the show’s promotional efforts.

Others have come out in support of the actor, noting the various ways in which people grieve and advocated for fans and mourners of Boseman to allot some space for her. Twitter fan account, username at LizzieContent, tweeted, “Elizabeth Olsen has deactivated her Instagram possibly due to people making r*de comments about her not posting about Chadwick”…”We all grieve differently and take longer to process de*th. Lizzie was close to Chadwick so she was probably still in sh*ck.”

If we have learned anything in the Black Panther star’s untimely tra*edy, perhaps we can all be a little less judgmental and a bit more patient; especially with a loss of this magnitude.

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