Single Dad Adopts 5 Siblings Together So That They Aren’t Separated Again

No one can measure the volume that a heart can hold. There is no limited capacity of the love that heart can hold. Heart is having the potential to hold the unlimited love and affection, all need is to unfold and open the doors. And, this fact is proven right by a Buffalo, New York native, Lamont Thomas.

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Lamont Thomas is from new York and he spend much of his life fostering the orphan kids in order for making changes in their life. He used to offer the best he have in order for fostering the orphan kids. Despite of having two biological kids, Thomas always keeps his door open for the orphan kids who are in demand for love, care, and acceptance.

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Thomas used to foster kids who are in need for affection, acceptance, love, and care. He got the certificate for the foster parent and fostered multiple of kids. Thomas has fostered around 30 kids and changes their lives. With his love and affection, he managed to foster 30 kids and give them better live. After then, he started working as nurse and retired from being a parenting legend.

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He offered care and love to all the fostering kids. All the kids grow up, live his house, and settled. Some of the fostered kids become professionals and started their own family. Meanwhile, Thomas spend his days enjoying vacations and fishing. Though he retired being a foster parent, but his heart is still full of love and affection.

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When Thomas came to know about the 5 siblings namely Jamel, Zendaya, Nakia, Michaela, and Major that the system is requiring to separate them in order for finding them the roof, he decided to foster all the five for not letting them separate. All the kids are under 6 years of age, and he wanted them not to separate. This is the reason why Thomas decided to once again fill his heart with love and welcome five siblings together in his house.

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Thomas mentioned the importance for them to grow together and thus he decided to foster together. He wanted them to grow as siblings. While his interview with new Outlet, he mentioned that the sibling bring new energy to him. After done with all the formalities, now the siblings have moved in Thomas house and living as their children.