Memorable Moments: Father And Son Graduated From The Same College On The Same Day

Brandon Gathers and his father, Antonio, shared a very memorable moment when they recently graduated from the same college on the same day.

Despite their 26-year age gap, several circumstances brought them to earn their degrees at the same time.The two graduated from South Carolina State University last week.

Antonio, who is 49-years old, earned his master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling or Psychology and Brandon, who is 23-years old, graduated with a bachelor’s in Business Management.

Brandon initially took a different major in another college and if he didn’t decide to transfer to SC State years ago, he would have graduated earlier.

Antonio, on the other hand, was shopping at a grocery store when he heard about a special degree program at SC State and entered college two years after his son. While Brandon attended classes on campus, Antonio took his classes online. The father and son said that they get their inspiration from each other.

“He was an inspiration to me, just seeing his perseverance,” Antonio told ABC News 4 about his son. “Doing other things, and having a full-time career, you kind of put yourself on the back bu*ner. And it was just really important to me to get his degree to purs-ue another avenue in my life and in my career so that I could help people.” “He’s like my inspiration,” Brandon described his father. “He’s the perfect model of a bl*ck male father figure. He’s a God-fearing man, he’s successful, he’s intelligent, he knows what he’s doing. He is just a great person in general.”

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