Father-Of-Three Inspires Fundraiser With Funny Placards After Laid Off In Covid-19 – VIDEO

It’s been a trying year for Lusindiso Malgas, but he’s still smiling. The 27-year-old, from Eastern Cape, South Africa, was laid off from his role in a retail store during lockdown – which was far from ideal, given that he is a father of three.

But not one to wallow, and keen to provide for his children, Lusindiso decided to take to the streets with amusing signs, in the hope that his positivity might earn him a quid or two.

Speaking to LADbible, he said: “The idea was always there.”When I was young in school, I wrote funny sentences on the blackboard when the teacher wasn’t there and the class laughed so hard. So I took this and put the same idea on my signboards.

“People love what I do. They always greet me and tip me. They are all friendly and welcoming. They all know me by name now. I am so grateful for people’s kindness.” Businessman Brendan Cottle was particularly taken by Lusindiso.

The 34-year-old told LADbible: “It was only in June this year when I started to see Lu at the traffic signal I usually pass by on a daily basis. I stopped a few times to chat with him but it was short due to the signal change.”It was mid-July when I pu-lled to the side of the road and had a proper conversation with Lu. I wanted to know his story and why he was there.

“Every time I saw him, he was always happy and smiling. The people that engaged with him were feeding off his positivity and supporting him by tipping him cash or giving him food.”Brendan was so inspired by this positivity that he decided to start a fundraiser for Lusindiso, with the goal of amassing enough to buy a house for his family.

Thus far, they have raised 76,090 ZAR (£3,557) of their 250,000 ZAR (£11,689) goal, and while there is a long way to go, Brendan and Lusindiso are naturally ‘positive’ they will get there.After establishing this foundation, Lusindiso hopes to leave the streets and start his own business, selling clothing emblazoned with his trademark slogans and qu!ps.

Brendan said: “We’ve already had some inquiries and some local businesses that would like to partner up and assist with this.”His signboards have become somewhat famous – he even has some people wanting to buy his signs and some businesses wanting him to advertise their business on his signboards at busy intersections.”I am a true believer in paying it forward and that positivity breeds positivity. Lu caught my attention and I wanted to step in and assist him and his family.”

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