Female Student With 32HH Size Crowdfunds To Raise Money For £4000 Bre-ast Reduction ‘It Feels Unbearable Now’

For many women, the thought of having bigger bre-asts is somewhat desirable, but for Aminata Daboh it couldn’t be anything further from that.

The 20-year-old law and business management student says that her 32HH b*obs have caused a ‘lot of emotional di*tress and phys!cal pa!n’. So much so that she’s started a fundraising page to try and pay for bre-ast reduction su-rgery.

Aminata, who studies in Birmingham, cla!ms the dad of one of her ex-boyfriend’s even questioned whether she was a v!rgin because of them and if that wasn’t bad enough, she was referred to as ‘Aminata with the big bre-asts’ at school.

She’s tried to get the su-rgery done on the NHS but was left feeling d!scouraged after a GP told her it was ‘very rare’ to get the operation publicly funded. Speaking to the Mirror, she said: “When I started to feel self-consc!ous I thought I’ve got to do something about this.

“People used to se*ualize me at school. People would say ‘your b*obs are really big’ and it would make me feel really self-consc!ous about my body.”Then when I was 15 or 16 I was in a relationship and the boy I was with said his dad once said ‘is your girlfriend a v!rgin, her b*obs are really big’.

“At the time I bru-shed it off. But as I got older I was like no one should be able to make those assumptions about my body.”At secondary school, people used to sho-ut at me. They would say your b*obs remind me of this p*rn character.”If people were going to refer to me they would say ‘Aminata, the girl with the big bre-asts’.”

Aminata, who is 5 foot 4 inches, also explained that having the operation would fix her back problems, adding: “The pa!n is unbe-arable now.”Going private and spending thousands of pounds is not something anyone wants to do but this type of pa!n and d!scomfort is not be-arable. “B-ras d!g into my to-rso and shoulders. I can’t sleep on my front because it’s uncomfortable.”When I was younger I used to be energetic and did lots of sports but I can’t do that now.”I can’t find a b-ra that supports me when I jump.”The fundraising page has been set up as a ‘last resort’ and people have kindly donated over £1,800 ($2,400). Her ta-rget is £4,000 ($5,400).