Finally 94-Year-Old Grandmother Fulfills Her Dream Of Wearing A Wedding Dress

A wedding is a special event in one’s life. Everything related to it becomes memorable. Right from the Blessed is those who get the opportunity to have a wedding as per their dream. Unfortunately, 94-year-old Martha Mae Ophelia Moon Tucker wasn’t the blessed one. Facebook User Erica Tucker’s grandmother, Martha Tucker, never got the opportunity to try a wedding dress. While watching a show, “Coming To America,” the granny whispered to her granddaughter that it was her dream to try a wedding dress.

Martha Tucker was born in Alexander City in the year 1927. She married the love of her life, Lehman Tucker Sr., in 1958. Due to the usual racial discrimination and segregation, Black women got prohibited from entering Bridal Shops. The lady, Strozier, for whom Martha tucker worked, provided her with a blue Carmen Jones Dress- a mermaid dress. Martha was grateful for the wedding dress. She, however, always missed the dress fitting experience.

Erica decided to fulfill her grandmother’s wish come true. She took Martha to a Bridal Store where the granny tried all the beautiful dresses that appealed to her. The granny even tried a garter and flashed her old yet graceful leg! She tried several dresses. A lovely pearl tiara adorned her beautiful grey Afro hair. Martha couldn’t stop smiling. She looked amazing in every dress she put on. The granny felt emotional and confessed that it genuinely felt special.

She had been waiting for the day all her life. Erica Tucker uploaded the video of her granny trying several bridal dresses. The happiness and excitement emitted from the granny’s face left everyone feeling overwhelmed. Viewers felt equally happy for the granny. Many even had tears in their eyes. People showed their love for the grandmother and complimented her for her beauty and grace.

We often ignore little happiness in our lives and our loved ones. With all the stress and craziness in our routine life, it is essential to take time out and do something special for ourselves and our loved ones. We must learn to appreciate and give back. Life is short. Fulfilling each other’s dreams and wishes can help bring happiness to each other.