See The First Look Of Viola Davis Playing As Michelle Obama In The show “The First Lady”

The Oscar-winning actress, Viola Davis again rocked the black girl magic after performing the role of all time favourite first lady Michelle Obama in her upcoming show The First lady. The show was awaited by several fans and finally, there is launch of the trailer of this show, The first lady where the Oscar-winning actress, Davis absolutely embrace the forever fave first lady, Mrs. Obama in all her glory as the first lady, president.

Image Credit:Variety

Though the Viola Davis as Mrs. Obama in this show is not the sole first lady to be featured, instead the show is comprising several stories of the past women who have in that positions including the Eleanor Roosevelt, and Betty Ford. This show time is casting the stars Viola Davisa s Mrs, Obama, Gillian Anderson as Eleanor Roosevelt, and Michelle Pfeiffer as Betty Ford.

Image Credit:Vogue

In this series, all these actresses are actually featuring the role of iconic former ladies maintaining their individuality along with navigating the entanglement in their highly demanding role.  In the show, Davis as Obama said that she in four years do not want to look backwards and think about the past, instead she is more in picking up her team and choose the top opportunities. Pfeiffer as ford said that she is always going to available for other but while never going to compromise for being herself.

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Anderson as Roosevelt also detailed the summary of the show saying that that all the man in the world are husband of the lady who are having their own mind and life as well.  This series is basically revealing the stories of the East wing of White house depicting the most impactful stories of the history and the world changing past decisions taken by the American complex, dynamic, and charismatic first ladies.

This show is going to peel of the political as well as the personal lives of several energetic and impactful first ladies. Additionally this show is also casting many other stars including the Dakota Fanning in the role of Susan ford, O – T Fagbenle in the role of Barack Obama, Kiefer Sutherland in the role of Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Aaron Eckhart in the role of Gerald ford.