Florida Burglary Suspect Flirts With Judge During Bail Hearing- VIDEO

A man in Florida flirt-ed shamel-essly with a judge at his Zoom ba!l hearing, telling her she was ‘so gorgeous’ while professing his love for her. Burglary suspect Demetrius Lewis appeared before Broward County Judge Tabitha Bla-ckmon via video link on Thursday 4 February, following allegat*ons he had tried to br*ak into a family home in Fort Lauderdale.

Video footage of the bizarre exchange has gone viral after being shared on social media by WSVN. As Lewis shuffles into shot, his hands cuff-ed, he notices Bla-ckmon on the screen and says casually: “How ya doin’ how ya doin’?” Bla-ckmon then replies with a smile: “Alright, I’m good sir; how are you?”

Still not finished with the pleasantries, Lewis then says: “Judge, you is so gorgeous… I just have to tell you, you’re gorgeous.” He adds unashamedly: “I love you. I love you.” But sadly for the defendant, Bla-ckmon was having none of it. She said: “Alright Mr. Lewis. Flatt-ery will get you everywhere… But maybe not here.” According to the New York Post, Blackmon went on to tell Lewis that she has found probable c*use for charges of burglary and possession of the dr*g ecstasy.

A prosecutor then asks for a $7,500 (£5,400) bail, explaining how three children had been sleeping at the home Lewis allegedly tr!ed to br*ak into. “WHAT!?” Lewis can be heard shout!ng. The prosecutor also explains that Lewis was just released in 2019, following a four-year state prison stint for aggravat-ed battery with a d*adly weapon out of Orange County. Blackmon then ordered him to be held on $5,000 (£3,600).

The amus!ng footage was shared on Twitter by WSVN, with a caption that said: “A defendant apparently tr!ed to make a move on a Broward judge during his bond court appearance this morning, but he didn’t seem to get very f-ar.” The tweet has racked up more than 14,000 likes and almost 4,000 retweets, with many social media users commenting undern*ath.

“What does he have to lose at this point?” one wrote. Another commented: “You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take!” A third said: “Haha he got her to smile, he just needed a little more time lol.”