6-year-old Georgia’s Youngest Certified Farmer Countributed $10K To Her Sprouting Future

A few months ago, there was a sensational story by Black enterprise getting viral on the achievement of a 6-year-old girl namely Kendall Rae Johnson who was awarded as the youngest certified Farmer in Georgia. And, the little girl keeps getting success in her farming career.

Image Credit:Blacknews

Recently, this little certified farmer has got the award amount of $10k on GMA (GOOD MORNING AMERICA) in order to assist her in her sprouting farming future. Johnson from the very beginning of her life is having a profound love for producing crops and in the farming field. And, with her mom’s assistance, the little farmer launched her farming business known as “aGROWKulutre”. Along with running her own business at such a little age, Kendall has also joined several organizations including the Georgia Farm Burea and Georgia Grown.

Image Credit:Goodmorningamerica

While in an interview with Black enterprise, Kendall’s mom namely Ursula Johnson said that Kendall started her farming passion from a patio garden in their back yard, and by the age of 4, they were having a full fledged garden in their backyard. And after growing the patio garden with little bitty to a full fledged green garden, they moved out and by the age when Kendall turned 6, she has her own farm.

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After launching her new business, aGROWKulutre, the young farmer is getting a scholarship in order to grow her farming endeavors. Recently she received the scholarship amount of $10K at Good morning America in order to support her in her passion for farming.

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While in an interview with Good morning America, the youngest farmer said that she is having the target to make new friends and do something innovative, and encourage other kids as well. In the show, the little peasant presented the table with different varieties of vegetables that she has grown in her back yard. This little girl has been selling vegetables since May and mentioned that Sweet potatoes and Collard greens are the best selling vegetables in this season. Kendall further mentioned that they have been using the profit earned from selling vegetables in setting up an outdoor science lab for agriculture and many more.