Girlfriend Leaves Her Job Due To Dating With Black Man – Video

The partner of New England Patriots defensive back Obi Melifonwu quit her job after co-workers called her “uncl-ean” in private messages for dating a Bla-ck man. Alyssa Okada worked as a personal trainer at Platinum Fitness in Fort Myers, Florida. The 24-year-old revealed via Instagram on June 20 she will no longer work at the gym due to rac!st harass-ment.

Messages between the CEO of Platinum Fitness and another unidentified man showed them speaking about Okada’s relationship with Melifonwu. “She’s qualified but she dates Bla-ck men,” a co-worker wrote in Facebook messenger. Her boss replied to the rac!st statement with a single word: “unclean.” As Heavy notes, the personal trainer and fitness guru is of mixed heritage.

There are emojis of the Japanese and German flags in the bio of her Instagram profile. Okada also mentioned her background in a Facebook post calling out the gym for its statements regarding her relationship.

The couple met at the University of Connecticut when they were students in the years between 2013 and 2017. She said in a detailed Facebook statement that she was taught to love a person’s character rather than their sk**n color and/or appearance.

“I’ve been struggling very hard for the past few days to find the words to express how I feel about leaving Platinum Fitness,” she wrote in the post. “I considered saying nothing at all but I realized that I ref*se to stay quiet about something that has not only h*** me to the core but hurts millions every single day.

I am the product of an in!erra*ial relationship. I have faced the obstacles that come along with this throughout my life. I also choose to LOVE people for who they are.

For their character & their soul, not their outward appearance or the color of their skin.” Okada also alleged the gym fostered anenvironment where this misconduct was rampant.

After the swift backlash, the gym reportedly apologized and called the rac!st exchange a mistake. However, Okada isn’t buying their apology. Their comments were exactly how they felt, she said. “It’s not a f**king mistake.

This is how you feel, this is how you think. You’re just sorry you got caught,” she said in her IG live stream. “If someone says something that’s flat out f**king wrong, stop making excuses for them. It’s done.” The 25-year-old Patriots safety has yet to comment on the matter.