Congratulations To Lovey Grandmother Who Graduates From College At The Age Of 96

Are you too old to follow your dreams? Is life too hard and not letting you fulfil your passion? Meet 96-year-old Florida woman Violet Edwards. The granny graduated from college with a 4.0 GPA. Edwards was an alumnus of the College of Rochelle in the late 80s. She had moved to the United States from jamaica with her family in 1973.                

Edwards left her academics in the middle because of the financial crisis. She needed to work so that she could earn and support her family. She left her education to pay for her daughter’s medical school tuition. Edward was happy being a grandmother and helping her daughter with her medical practice. Life was moving on.

Amidst all the busy schedule and responsibilities, she felt a void in her life. She wished to finish college. In 2021, Edward learned that all her documents were transferred to Mercy College in New York after the College of New Rochelle closed. The hope of finishing college stirred in her. She enrolled herself in online classes. The story, however, wasn’t that easy. Edward was battling for her life against breast cancer.

She refused to quit. Edward neither gave up on her hope of life nor gave up on her dream to finish college. She remained dedicated and focused. Despite all the pain the radiation treatment caused, she didn’t lose her focus. In June 2022, she finally graduated from college with a 4.0 GPA. She also came out victorious in the battle against breast cancer.

She has received her last Radiation treatment. The woman, with her strong dedication, won both challenges. The Jamaican Consulate General and the Retirement Home Florida, where she lives, both threw a party to celebrate Edward’s accomplishments. Life will throw different challenges at you.

There will be situations that will force you to give up. Have faith in yourself and your dreams. Do not give up. Believe in what you want to achieve in life. There is no right age or time. Start whenever you can. If a woman of 96 can accomplish her dream of completing her college while fighting cancer, so can you. Go for it and achieve your dream!