Here Comes Vanessa Williams And Rick Fox’s daughter- All Glammed Up For Prom

It is a proud moment for parents looking at their kids turning 18. It reminded them of their youth, reaching the zenith of youth and ready to take on the challenge of the world. For many parents, their young children look exactly like their own. Singer and actor Vanessa Williams is also overwhelmed with such feelings with her husband, Rick Fox. He is her ex-husband and retired NBA player who won numerous basketball championships.

Now their name gets listed on the proud prom parents list. The proud parents took to social media to share photos with their now-18-year-old daughter, Sasha Fox. She looks delighted to be attending her prom. The girl now looks like a young, gorgeous lady and gives an impression of her parents. Her appearance is similar to that of a young Vanessa Williams.

In Vanessa’s Instagram shout-out for her daughter, she is beaming with joy and taking a few minutes to appreciate how quickly time passes. Rick Fox also shared an emotional message on Instagram about being thankful to his ex-wife. After the couple was separated, they continued to co-parent Sasha Fox. Now the young lady is about to complete her graduation.

It makes him feel proud. Sasha blossomed before our own eyes. She seemed a lot younger and sported no makeup in 2016. Her parents surprised her with a new Mercedes on her 16th birthday. Sasha’s birthday comes in May, but her parents gifted her a car in late December as a belated birthday and Christmas gift. The look on Sasha’s face was astonishing when Vanessa took her to a Mercedes showroom.

Her expression was priceless. Earlier, Williams told Sasha that the two were heading to a spa to enjoy a massage. The teen became the owner of Mercedes at 16 years of age. Doesn’t it sound great? Now, at 18, Sasha looks like a polite and humble young lady with an incredible deal of responsibility on her shoulders. She desired her parents’ blessings.Happy Birthday, Sasha Fox! We wish you good luck.