High Schoolers Surprise Maths Teacher With New Car From Secret Fundraiser

Teaching is a respectable profession that prepares students to do better in their careers and lives. The minimum salaries, however, raise questions about their job satisfaction. They may have to commute more than two hours to reach school and sacrifice valuable time with their families. The students realized this pain and decided to give a car to their teacher, including insurance and gasoline.

Julio Castro is a 31-year-old math teacher. He teaches at YULA Boys High School in Los Angeles and spent two hours commuting between school and home. Julio goes to reach the Santa Clarita bus stop by scooter and then takes a 90-minute bus trip to Century City. He takes another lift and arrives at school. If he missed the bus, he had to wait an hour to take another ride.

Students were aware of their teachers’ commuting struggles. Julia makes sure his students understand all the concepts. One of his students proudly told the media that he took extra time during lunch hours. Castro found daily commuting difficult. It, however, did not cause him to give up on his desire to be a teacher. He wanted to give his best.

He motivates his students with wise words such as: if things do not go as you wish, then do not cry. Be thankful for what you have: things will soon fall into their place. Castro was given a dark blue Mazda with leather seats, a sunroof, and a Bose system by his kind pupils. With the aid of other organisations, including Galpin Motors and the non-profit The Change Reaction, the generous high school kids spent the summer raising almost $30,000.

Students purchased their teacher one year of fuel and a car insurance policy, which offers financial security. Castro was surprised and thankful to his students for their kind act. With this new car, his commuting hours will be less, and he can spend more time with his family. He can drop his kids off at school in the morning and pick them up back.

His pupils are delighted to assist their math instructor, and they have faith that he will find a way to reciprocate. According to the students, Castro Sir is ideal for them. This car is a new opportunity for Castro to help more people.We need more such teachers who set an example of hard work and commitment to their job. The students will learn from them and reciprocate in their lives.