Homecoming Queen Gives Her Crown Away to Grieving Classmate Who Just Lost Her Mom

Last month, when Nyla Covington was cast as a ballot homecoming sovereign by her school, she didn’t reconsider. She offered the crown to one more chosen one on the homecoming court, a colleague, who only hours earlier, had lost her mom to malignant growth. Brittany Walters broke up into tears as Covington went to her to put the crown on her companion.

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“I think she muttered something by, ‘I figure your mom would believe that you should have this,” Tyra Willamor-Idom reviewed existing apart from everything else during the homecoming for Forrest County Agricultural High School in Brooklyn, Mississippi on Sept. 24. “The whole group was stunned and crying,” Willamor-Idom added.

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Only minutes earlier, after discovering that she’d won, Covington was seen strolling over to the school’s head and administrator inquiring as to whether she could surrender her crown. Collaborator Principal Benton Holder said that no one knew what Covington had arranged, on the occasion she was picked sovereign however that her activities were definite of the individual she is.


“She’s a remarkable understudy,” Holder told KTVU. “I’m not astonished. Quite possibly the most caring thing I’ve at any point found in my life. There was anything but a dry eye in the arena. ” It was a passionate day for the whole local area, which was grieving the deficiency of Brittany’s mom A.J. Walters, who had kicked the bucket from malignant growth that very morning.

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Walters was a parent at the school as well as a piece of the school staff, working in the workplace as a secretary. William-Idom, a long-term family companion of the Walters, said that the mind-blowing second and show of adoration by Covington was a climax of an entire local area meeting up for a family that was harming. “It resembled all that we needed yet more.

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The people group energized to get Brittany there even though her mom passed on hours prior,” Willamor-Idom made sense of. “It was her mom’s final words before she passed. last wish was to root for her little girl in that field.” At a certain point, Willamor-Idom said that loved ones had everything trusted they could some way or another get Brittany’s mom to go to herself.

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Eventually, the perishing mother made her better half guarantee to walk their little girl across the field for the homecoming occasion. William-Idom said that the local area additionally mobilized together in alternate ways to assist with satisfying her companion’s desire for her girl.

The call for help got a resonating reaction, as she had the option to raise more than $800 to take care of the expense of a homecoming dress and prep, including hair and cosmetics. The cash even aided pay for Brittany Walters’ senior representations, which her mom had the option to see only hours before she kicked the bucket, as per Willamor-Idom.