Baby Dances In The Wo-mb: Husband Films His Pregnant Wife’s Belly Moving Up & Down When Music Plays – VIDEO

We all know that babies sometimes move around while they are inside the wo-mb, leaving impressions on the mother’s belly.

Moments like these can be inspiring for parents, especially those who are going to be parents for the first time.

When you see your baby k!cking and moving around inside the wo-mb, you are reminded once again that God has blessed you with the most valuable gift of all.

This couple from Guerrero, Mexico, was clearly ec-static to see their baby moving around inside the mother’s belly.The dad-to-be recorded the video on his phone as soon as he noticed just how much the baby was moving.

A happy, upbe-at song plays from the phone right to the mother’s belly, and the unborn baby’s movements are totally in sync with the rhythm of the music!

The baby seemed to enjoy the music from inside the wo-mb, as it was dancing along, moving up and down to the be-at.When the dad-to-be captured this beautiful moment on camera, he knew he had to share it with the world.

Baby Dances in Womb

Watch out, people! proof that some people are born with rhythm! 🎶💃🏻ViralHog

Posted by MEAWW on Monday, October 8, 2018

The video garnered a lot of views on Facebook, with people commenting that “some people are born with rhythm.” One parent shared a similar experience, commenting that babies can respond to music while still in the wo-mb. “My son used to move around more when I put music on… and would you believe… is very musical. Drums/guitar and self-taught,” she said.

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