Identical Twins Sisters Fall In Love With The Same Boy And Now Wishing To Get Pregnant From Him

This news is highlighting the story of the most identical twins of the world who are sharing the lot of similar/ identical things including their birthday, their identical looks, their hair styles, their dressing styles, and every thing. Now they are reported to even have the identical pregnancy for nine months and that too from the same man.

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This news is about Anna and Lucy DeCinque, two identical sisters from Australia who are known for the most identical twins in the world. Back in 2018, the both identical sister reveals that they are both fall in love with the same boyfriends and wishing to marry that same man. However the law in that area do not allow for the poly gamy and preventing that boy to marry two girls.

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As per the report, both the identical sister from Austrial  has been dating the same man, Ben Byre since 2012 and are also wishing to marry the same guy, but poly gamy is against the law in Australia. This made this unique couple to put their marriage plan aside. The sisters revealed their complicated relationship status with the same man in a TV show Hughesy, We have a Problem, but that time, they did not received much limelight. The story of sharing the same boyfriend by the identical sisters did not made any big headlines.

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But now, after several years, these two sisters and their boyfriend back in the headlines after revealing about their pregnancy plans. These sisters and their boyfriend revealed about their pregnancy plans in the TV show This morning stating that the two identical sisters are wishing to get pregnant at the same time from the same man.

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The identical sisters, Anna and Lucy also mentioned in the TV show Hughesy, We have a Problem in 2018 showing their desire for getting pregnant at the same time. And, their pregnancy topic again comeback in headline after they appeared again in the TV show This morning and shared their pregnancy plan for getting pregnant at the same time and that too from the same man.

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They shocked the social media users with their pregnancy plan and revealed that they are going to get pregnant by the IVF technology at the same time and that too with their shared boy partner, Ben Byrne.  The sister during their show revealed that they are much obsessive for each other, they get hungry together, eat together, sleep together, and are actually living the life of one person.