I’ll be Done With My Wish: Instead Of Spending Festival Bonus On Himself This Worker Spend Money To Feed Needy People

A man, Gudlinkomo Belele Simelane, has inspired South Africans with his kindness. He revealed that he works as a picker at Coca Cola and received a KSh 5,657 Christmas bonus. Instead of spending the money on himself, Simelane sort to buy homel-ess people food

On Sunday, December 22, a man by the name Gudlinkomo Belele Simelane inspired many on social media.Simelane, who works at Coca Cola in Newcastle, South Africa, as a picker was given KSh 5,657 as a bonus for his well-done job.In the spirit of giving, Simelane revealed he will use the money on Monday, December 23, to put a smile on the homel-ess people.

“Today I’m getting paid. I’m not educated, I work as a picker at Coca Cola. With my extra bonus of KSh 5,657, I planned to spend it with the poor guys living on the streets of Newcastle.

He planned to use the money on buying food and afterward treat them to a picnic. “I will buy food and have a picnic with them at a park and after we are done, I’ll give them KSh 350 each. It’s little but I’ll be done with my wish. This group has changed me into a better person,” he said praising a South African group that preaches unity.

The post received more than 47 000 likes in just one day and South Africans were inspired by Simelane’s act of kindness.

Elaine M. Watson commented: “You make us all proud to be South African. Thank you and you will have a blessed Christmas.”Nomshado Brenda Manenje wrote: “Blessed is the hand that gives my brother. God will bless you more because you share a little you have with those who are less fortunate.” Judy de Villiers said: “What a lovely heart you got. May God bless you multiple times over and over for this good de-ed.” She took to Facebook to challenge other people to give more this Christmas.