Jada Seen Laughing On Actor’s Cr-ying Meme During Emotional Red Table Talk – VIDEO

Will Smith thinks it’s hilarious that his te-ars became the meme of the year.

The superstar actor, 52, became the source of many a joke after sitting down for an emotional interview about his marriage with wife Jada Pinkett Smith on her show Red Table Talk earlier this year.

And while Will was happy to help people laugh, he insisted he wasn’t cr-ying but actually just su-ffering from dry eyes after getting a bit too over-caffeinated, opening up during an interview to accept the Robin Williams Legacy of Laughter Award.

‘I’m not sad a lot,’ he reasoned while dabbing his face with a tissue. ‘I think because I drink so much coffee I get deh-ydrated and it makes my eyes water.’ ‘I know people think I’m cr-ying all the time… I’m not cr-ying.’

‘Such a sha-me,’ Jada ch!med in from behind the camera with a gr-in. ‘Such a sha-me.’He went on, explaining how his watery eyes came to be the star of their revealing Red Table Talk in July.

‘I was midnight and we were sho-oting at midnight because we were trying to ru-sh to go to the airport in the morning.’

‘I should have stu-ck to my g*ns when I said resho-ot the whole thing,’ Girls Tr-ip star Jada chi-med in. ‘It played out everybody’s like po-or Will,’ he laughed as Jada gro-aned.

The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air actor’s face became a viral joke after he and his wife sat down to clear the air about her ‘enta-nglement’ with singer August Alsina, pro-mpting thousands of memes. ‘They love themselves some Will,’ he went one, doubled over with laughter.

Will Smith, wife Jada, and three kids Willow, 19, Jayden, 22, and Trey, 27, were honored with the Robin Williams Legacy of Laughter Award last week. The award was given by Glen Close’s Bring Change to Mind charity, and the Smith family was chosen by Williams’ children Zak and Zelda.

Talking about the late actor’s legacy while accepting the award, the Men In Bl-ack talent said: ‘Robin Williams was an absolute master of human connection. He wanted you to laugh, it’s almost like he needed you to laugh.’ Williams passed away in 2014 by su!cide, which his wife Susan later attributed to him suf-fering from Lewy body deme-ntia.

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