11-year-old Chicago Teen Providing Free ‘ Blessing Bags’ To Nearly 20,000 Homeless People

11-year-old Jahkil Jackson, founder of the nonprofit Project I Am — an organization to support the homeless. The young social entrepreneur tried to comfort homeless people with his Blessing Bags. Teaming up with volunteers from different areas, Jahkil successfully distributed 5,000 blessing bags by the end of 2017. Jackson was just five years old when he noticed the first homeless person. He continuously inquired his mother about how to help all homeless people.

He worked on his dream and laid the foundation for his nonprofit organization. Jackson felt disheartened by seeing people on the streets. Jackson kept planning as he grew older. He had been open to all challenges as a minor. Through the organization, he distributed toiletries, food, and water stuffed in his Blessing Bags to homeless people in Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, Atlanta, Virginia, and Idaho.

He has also helped people internationally, including those orphans in Mbabane, Swaziland, volcano victims in Guatemala, and hurricane survivors in Florida, Houston, and Puerto Rico with a team of volunteers. Helping any homeless made him feel like stepping closer to demolishing homelessness. It made him happy to spread smiles on the faces of the needy ones. Jackson became the Youth Ambassador for one of the leading anti-poverty organizations Heartland Alliance International in 2016.

In 2017, Former President, Mr Barack Obama, acknowledged the kind deeds of the young boy on Twitter. He received the 2017 Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes. Receiving appreciation and support for his organization encouraged him to nurture his plans. Lebron James, the NBA player, also appreciated Jackson’s kind gesture. The player offered support for his Project I Am.

Jackson, who enjoys basketball both as a fan and as a player, aims to have his own NBA franchise one day. Furthermore, Jackson continued to facilitate other unfortunate people by all possible means. His goal to eradicate homelessness and owning an NBA team speaks a lot about his kindness and determination at an early age. His efforts need appreciation with high regard to encourage others and believe in compassion and determination.

The world has very rare genes left who feel contented to serve happiness. Selflessly diagnosing and providing the basic requirements of the needy is above the worship of any Lord. Giving value to others’ sentiments is a unique gesture. He has brought pride to his black community. Iconic people like Jahkil Jackson deserve applause and appreciation. Kudos to you, young man!