Jobless Dad Distributing Resumes In Warmth 110 Degrees, Gets “flooded” With Offers

To serve his family, a father can go beyond his limits. Patrick Hoagland is a father who stood on the road under the hot sun and distributed resumes. Soon people recognized his efforts, and he received incredible job offers. Patrick Hoagland worked in a metal recycling company as a forklift operator. Unfortunately, he lost his job.

He tried to follow the conventional method for applying for jobs, such as online posting and approaching local businesses. But he did not get any results. He was running short of time. He needed to do something to help his family. He and his wife were contributing money to run their family. But when he lost his job, everything came over his wife. He shared this dreadful situation with Good Morning America.

He planned to do something crazy. He decided to stand on the road and hand out his resumes to people. He knew many people passing through Phoenix with whom he could connect for any job openings. He printed numerous copies of his resume and started distributing them on the roads. He put up his best and gave his resumes even to strangers. He kept standing over a hundred degrees and continued his job search. His energy level was high.

To get more attention, he wore a sign saying, “Laid off, looking for a job.”  One of the women saw his efforts. Mrs. Melissa DiGianfilippo got influenced by Hoagland’s dedication. She was the owner of Serendipit Consulting. She took a picture of Patrick’s resume.

She decided to help him and posted a snapshot of his resume on all her social media accounts. She helped him by sharing his resume within her network. The offers started coming. Hoagland got a job in a construction Supplies Company as a concrete grinder. His dedication and sincerity paid off. 

oagland shared with Good Morning America that he was thankful to the people who helped him during his tough times.  Hoagland turned the table from uncertainty to opportunity.