Famous TikTok Stars Jordyn Jones & Sienna Mae Spotted Out Together After Viral ‘WAP’ Video!

TikTok stars Jordyn Jones and Sienna Mae got some real Hollywood treatment after the social media stars were snapped by photographers while out to lunch together following their massive ‘WAP’ video that has already clocked over 1.6 Million views!

The influencer duo was spotted at West Hollywood ho-tspot, Urth Cafe, where they took part in a t!nsel town legend…the power lunch!

We’re told Jordyn and Sienna recently started following each other on TikTok and exchanging DMs about how much they admire each other’s channels.

One thing led to another and yesterday Jordyn and Sienna dropped a dance video to Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B’s h-it song ‘WAP’.

The good news, it appears someone has got into their ears and told them it is smart to be friendly with the paparazzi, and a good over your shoulder pose with a peace sign is classic! By the looks of it, the two ordered some of Urth’s famous pasta dishes and – of course – created some good content from inside of the restaurant.

We’re told the duo is planning on a few more collaborations, but Jordyn also used their hangout as an opportunity to talk to Sienna about how to deal with online ha*ers. Mae is a huge propo-nent of body positivity on her TikTok channel!

It should be noted, this pair has a HUGE following online with Jordyn having over 15 Million TikTok followers and Sienna expl-oding on the scene with more than 4 Million. So, the duo is fielding huge offers from major brands who are looking to cash in on the youngster’s being able to attack a huge amount of eyeballs.

Jordy isn’t completely new to the game, she is also a successful singer who has a hit single out now called ‘Int!mate’ which has millions of streams. Plus, she has modeled for several high profile brands in the past.

Jordyn is also expected to drop another single this month, and according to her team, this new song is going to show a side of Jordyn that her ocean of fans hasn’t seen yet. As for Sienna Mae, she is continuing to light up TikTok with new videos!

The best part, the two got along great and their last video was such a hit, it might just be the beginning of something more to come! Well, they have the first rule down for being an A-lister in Hollywood — be seen out at the h*fttest spots in L.A. and be NICE to the photographers!

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