Just Four-Year-Old Boy Ordered $100 Worth Of Mcdonalds By Using His Mom’s Phone

A cheeky four-year-old boy has ordered $100 worth of McDonald’s using his mother’s phone.

Mum Raissa Andrade, 32, posted a photo to Instagram of her son Tom proudly sitting at the table after ordering ten bags of fast food to their home in Brazil.

The feast included six happy meals, ten milkshakes, two strawberry sundaes, two 12 packs of nuggets, eight bottles of water, two McFlurries, a large French fries with bacon and cheddar, two apple pies, and a grape juice.

He also treated himself to eight extra happy meal toys. Ms. Andrade said the ‘banquet’ cost her R$400 BRL- or $101.86 AUD.

‘This is not the first time this has happened,’ Ms. Andrade wrote.’Even after this, he said “Mum, the golden minion didn’t even come”.’I laughed, cr!ed, and then sat down to eat and drink a milkshake.’

The photo has gone viral online with many praising the boy’s ingenuity.’Not all heroes wear capes. What a legend!’ one person wrote.’Good on him, looks like he got a load of specials. He sorted dinner for the family gave mum the night off,’ another added.

‘How clever Mum must be so happy. Ingenious!!’ someone else said. Others said they have had similar experiences.’Lol, my 2-year-old nephew would do the same thing if his mum didn’t keep a close eye on him,’ one person wrote.

‘There have been times she has been trying to decide what to get for lunch and he will say “pizza” and if he’s playing one of his learning games on her phone he will open up door dash and pu-ll up the pizza app.”My 2-year-old ordered a hash brown through the Maccas app! Lucky it was just a hash brown!’ another comment read.

‘My eight-year-old daughter did something similar to this not long ago, she ordered a bunch of ice creams, pizza, and other sides from Pizza Hut on her sister’s laptop!’ a third said.

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