Orlando Bloom Surprised Katy Perry With Special Birthday Message From Borat – VIDEO

It’s Katy Perry’s birthday and the songstress got a very special message from a famous journalist.

Orlando Bloom took to Instagram on Sunday to share a video message from none other than infamous (and fictional) Kazakh reporter, Borat Sagdiyev.

Sacha Baron Cohen donned his famously contr*versial character’s iconic grey suit and enormous mustache to record a hilarious birthday message for the one and old “Katy Pepsi.”

The f!ctitious journalist decided to use the opportunity to poke fun at Bloom’s highly publicized nude photos, which were snapped while he was paddle-boarding on a n*de beach in 2016.

“I was planning on going sailing in Florida and so I make internet searching of ‘Orlando water sports,'” Borat explains in the video message. “But instead, Mr. Google sent me a photograph of your husband with his cru-mb out.He has a very good one!”

Borat qu!pped, “It must be nice to see Orlando Bloom! You will have a very nice birthday. A lot of cream on your cake. Why not?””at katyperry your dream come true birthday message my love HAPPY BIRTHDAY ❤️🎂🎈” Bloom captioned the video.

In response, Perry reposted the video which she simply captioned, “omg.” Several days ago, Perry and Bloom — along with Ariana Grande, Josh Gad, and Cohen himself, not in character — came together and showed their support for the cont-roversial comedy mo*kumentary.

The group joined up and posed around a cardboard c-ut-out of Borat, and the fictional journalist shared a snapshot to his own Instagram. “Hollywood liberals think they catch me, but these perverts actually committing s*x att-ack on a unreal! Great success!” Borat captioned the pic.

Meanwhile, Bloom shared a somewhat more heartfelt birthday message for his lady love, who recently gave birth to their first child, daughter Daisy, in August. Bloom posted a slideshow of snaps taken during the couples’ travels together — including one in front of the Great Pyramids of Giza — and captioned the photo, “Happy Birthday my love 🎂🎈❤️oh the places we’ll go…” Happy birthday, Katy Perry!

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