Kim Kardashian Shows Her Massive $1m Emerald & Diamond Necklace 4 Years After $10m Worth Of Her Jewelry Was St-olen In Paris

Kim Kardashian shared images on her KKW Beauty Instagram page this weekend where she was wearing a dazzling emerald and diamond necklace.

The rock looked to be over 15 carats and was a teardrop cut surrounded by large diamonds as she wore a str-apless top.

The law student – who is on a private island enjoying her 40th birthday with her family – has not been wearing much bling since she was ro-bbed at g*npoint of $10M worth of jewelry in Paris over four years ago on October 3, 2016.

The dazzling statement piece looked to be worth around $1M and was likely made by her friend Lorraine Schwartz, an LA-based jewelry designer who has made much of Kim’s pieces, including her engagement ring from Kanye West.

Kim even wore Lorraine’s items, like diamond chokers and drop earrings, when promoting her perfume collaboration with Kourtney and Khloe.

Usually, Kim wears very little bling in her ads for KKW Beauty and SKIMS as she wants the focus to be on her products.The diva also hardly ever wears gems in real life as she prefers to keep it simple.

Ever since she was ro*bed at gu*point in Paris in 2016, which she said was so tra-umatic she thought she was going to d!e, the star has pared down her look. She rather keeps it light in her SKIMS wear and Kanye’s clothing line as well as her favorite designers.

Meanwhile, Kim has been on a tropical island enjoying her 40th birthday with her family and her friends this weekend. Page Six said the pals did not know the destination but were told at the last minute.

Last week Kim shared facts about herself with E! She shared the top 40 things that her fans do not know about her.Some of the most surprising things are that she was ‘starstr-uck’ by Cher, loves the TV show Hoarders, and admits that TikTok makes her feel ‘old.’

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