Kylie Jenner Looks Totally Changed From Her Throwback Pics That Fo-rced Sister Kim Kardashian To Remove Photo – VIDEO

Kim Kardashian, or Kim Kardashian-West, as she has been known as since her marriage to the larger-than-life Kanye West, has been putting in some notable work in cr!minal justice reform with The Deca-rceration Collective and #c-ut50.

Her funding contributions have assisted in the freedom of 17 prisoners in a 90-day span earlier this year. We all know how she got famous…No, not that, I’m talking about her appearances in reality television beginning as a guest friend of Paris Hilton on The Simple Life.

Riding that wave of voyeu-ristic success, Kardashian and her family launched a line of lucr-ative reality TV shows of their own as well as anc!llary beauty and branding ventures. And lately, that accu-mulated wealth is being utilized for an ultimately righteous ca-use.

Anyway, her sister Kylie, who has a massively successful line of beauty products that feature her profile as brand ambassador and spokeswoman, isn’t ecstatic with one of her recent ac-tions.

Kim posted a throwback photo of herself, Chloe, Kendall, and Kylie dining at Benihana’s on Instagram that prompted Kylie to demand its removal. The photo shows a very young, and nearly unrecognizable Kylie standing beside her sisters awaiting service.

Kim captioned the image, ”Babies and Bennie’s.” Kylie commented, “Delete this immediately.” Kim responded with, “Should I Diddy crop you out?” to which Kylie replied, “Absolutely.” Call it da*age control, call it what you want, it’s hard to compare old pictures of Kylie to later images and not question, just what exactly, was done to achieve her current look.

You can find her face all over her brand, Kylie Cosmetics, which Forbes values at $900 Million. Is the old photo, and other v!ntage pictures as well, a repudiation of her beauty cr-ed? Just how much effort does Ms. Jenner, who turned heads in a cameo in the Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion WAP music video, put into hiding older pictures of her? A quick Google Images search will show a transformation that borders on sorcery.

Does her makeup do that? Can it do that for others? Is that why she’s a billionaire? What am I doing with my life?? You see the downward spiral of thinking this puts us on. Incredulity aside, Kim K. has not he-eded her younger sister’s wishes and the post is still available for all to see.

It’s at least not able to observe that Kardashian-West hasn’t lost her fla!r of entertainment and spectacle. In fact, numerous followers of the pair found not a small amount of amu-sement in the ongoing deb-acle. Instagram users have commented, “Kim you wrong for this one lol,” “too late kylie we already seen the real you.”

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