Lady Complained For Burger King Staff, ‘Your Outfit Is Too Distracting For My Hubby’

Recently a post by a Burger King employee where she has been flame broiling a Karen for making a fuss that her tasty buns from her uniform are working as a distraction for her husband. The fast food staff, digitally known as Lala, in her video, criticized the Karen lady who complain to her for her buns that are distracting her husband.

Image Credit:Tyla

Her video got viral and received millions of likes and more than 14.8 million views on Tiktok. In the video, Lala who is a mom of one kid and a biochemistry student who has been working as staff in burger king gave a 360 degree view of her body to her online audiences. While in the video, Lala was in her Burger king uniform and was wearing a loose fitting Burger king shirt coupled with the branded hat and paired with a hip hugging black jeans.

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And, then she gave her 360 degree view of her body in the uniform to her online audiences to show the bountiful backside which was a complaint to be the cause of distraction by a Karen. She in her video then said that she will keep her buns home next time and captioned the clip as Girl f**k you. The video got trending and millions of people supported her by commenting against the unnamed Karen.

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This video by Lala received more than 40k comments. The supports of the fast food company staff made fun of the unidentified and unnamed Karen. Many of the supporters remarked that Karen should have shown her anger to her husband instead of the staff as he was the one to stare at. They support Lala as it was not her fault for distracting Karen’s husband.

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Many people remarked that it is Karen’s husband who should leave his eyes before leaving his home next time. While many people in the comment section appreciated the beauty of Lala saying that they cannot blame the man for looking at her beauty respectfully. Lala also posted a separate video where she addressed a lady with a r**ist mind a**using her of being a cause of breakup among the married couple or the home wrecker.