LeBron James Son, 16 Bronny James Trolls For Liking Image Of Larsa Pippen, 46 On Instagram

Social media continues to reveal how unwise it might be to do everything under an account with your real name, whether you’re the Pope or Bronny James, son of LeBron James.

Many seem to forget that your likes are public – and that the Internet is always watching. Now, Bronny is learning the hard way about when a “like” goes wrong.

The 16-year-old son of basketball great LeBron James seems to try and mind his own business but being the child of such a visible person has its downsides, many of which seem to fall back onto his young son.

Previously, Bronny had been tr-olled while minding his business and gaming on Twitch. The avid gamer plays often and seems to be allowed to interact with fans freely, even when some of them tr-oll them. Luckily, father LeBron seems to be on top of his kids’ activities.

Bronny was playing NBA 2K20, which probably comes to an as a little surprise to anyone. It was during the Twitch session that the chat room started to get very tr-oll-like.

One Twitch streamer was greeted with a surprise – getting to chat with Lebron James. Streamer Adin Ross was playing a friendly game with Bronny when Lebron himself got on the mic. Lebron said, “what’s good bruh.”

The sho-cked gamer Ross asked if it was Lebron talking. The Los Angeles Lakers superstar couldn’t help but laugh.Bronny got surprised when tr-olls kept asking him about his relationship with Zaya Wade, his friend, and daughter of Dwyane Wade, who of course openly identifies as a tra-nsperson.

Bronny, clearly aware of how to handle tr-olls, asked the chat room to “fl-ame” the tr-oll. There’s no chat room to bl-ame his latest ga-ffe on, however, and it involves someone much older than him that has been in the press recently for his own brand of shenanigans – Larsa Pippen, ex-wife of another baller great, Scottie Pippen.

Bronny might have to answer to Scotty Pippen, Jr., who was just on social media himself dec-rying his mother’s very visible ant!cs and the embarra-ssment that it has ca-used him.

With Larsa flying out to meet up with 24-year-old NBA baller Malik Beasley, Scotty Pippen, Jr., her 20-year-old son that plays basketball at Vanderbilt was caught on Twitter liking a bunch of other people’s tweets – that were speaking out aga!nst his mom.

He liked one tweet that read, “Look at how d!sappointed in his momma he is… this bre-aks my heart” and another that said, “I feel bad for Scotty Pippen Jr. honestly. That young man has to deal with this every other week. Enough is enough.”

Let’s hope that Pippen, Jr. didn’t see Bronny’s latest like in his own Explore feed on Instagram. Liking a pic with the caption “Cause I’m precious” with a diamond emoji at the beginning, Bronny apparently thought Larsa was worthy of alike since she’s so precious.

Twitter and other social media channels l!t up when they saw his like on her page, given her recent reasons for being in the gossip blogs. Some thought it was funny while others thought it was a little inappropriate.

Bronny James Sho-oting His Shot At Scottie Pippen’s Wife Larsa? Some fans thought it was hilarious due to the elder Pippen not being a fan of James, while others thought that the conversation itself was inappropriate due to the ages of everyone involved.

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