Lil Baby Threw A Birthday Party For Floyd’s Daughter Gianna

Lil Baby threw a birthday party for Fl-oyd’s daughter Gianna as she turned seven Wednesday. The 26-year-old musical artist held the bash in his native Atlanta, at a house that was de-cked out in balloons and other elaborate decorations.

A buffet of sweets looked to be on tables in the background for the joyous occasion, that comes at the end of a tr-agic year for her family. The party was thrown by the rapper, whose real name is Dominique Jones, also had a special room set up for manicures and hairstyles. The Errybody rapper was seen posing with the birthday girl and her mother Roxie Washington at the soiree. He captioned his Instagram Stories, ‘R-IP Fl-oyd from The Bigger Picture.’

A post from Gianna’s Instagram read, ‘L.o.l Surprise Birthday Party … Thank you so much at lilbaby_1 for coming and help me celebrate my 7th Birthday.

’Also at the party were ret*red NBA stars Shaquille O’Neal and Stephen Jackson, who shared a sh-ot of Gianna relaxing with a pedicure. ‘Georgie looks at these smiles,’ said Jackson, who was an activist and vowed to take care of Fl-oyd’s relatives following his loss. ‘We got u, bro.’ Fl-oyd, a 46-year-old security guard, passed away on May 25 in Minneapolis after former police officer Derek Chauvin kne-eled on the back of his ne-ck while he was handcu-ffed, rendering him unable to breathe in a horr!fying incident that was caught on camera.

In the incident, arre-sting officers said Fl-oyd matched the description of a fo-rgery su-spect and subsequently resisted them when they took him into cu-stody.

In an accompanying clip, Chauvin was seen p!nning his kn-ee into the back of Fl-oyd’s neck as Fl-oyd pleaded with him to relent. ‘Please, please, please, I can’t bre-athe … please, man … my stomach hu*ts, my neck hu*ts, everything hu-rts … I can’t bre-athe,’ said Fl-oyd, who later passed away in police cu*tody.

All four of the officers were f!red from the police department and face cha-rges in connection with Fl-oyd’s loss: Chavin is cha-rged with mu-rder and mansla-ughter, while his colleagues Tou Thao, Thomas Lane, and J. Alexander Kueng face cha-rges of a!ding and abe-tting mu*der and mansla-ughter.