Little Girl Is Selling Lemonade Juice So That She Could Pay For Her Brain Surger!es.

A seven-year-old girl in the US is selling lemonade to help fund her brain s*rger!es. Liza Scott set up a stand outside her family’s bakery in Homewood, Alabama, to drum up funds for live-saving treatment. She suff-ered a seiz-ure last month and was subsequently diagn-osed with three rare cerebral malformations.

Now she needs to undergo numerous brain operations, and while her fundraising eff-orts have inspired her community, Liza has adm!tted she is afr**d she won’t surv!ve the su-rger!es.

Speaking to WIAT, she said: “I hope I make it.

“My mum keeps saying I’m going to, but I feel like I’m not.”

On her fundraising page, mum Elizabeth said her family’s ‘lives and hearts were turned upside down’ when Liza had her seizure.

Since then, Elizabeth said her daughter’s fundraising eff-orts had been inspirational.

She said: “If there is anyone who can take lemons and make it to the most amazing lemonade ever, it is Liza.

“Liza’s love for lemonade has inspired this next journey as we travel to Boston Children’s for the unimaginable – multiple brain su-rger!es.

“From the start Liza has taken the lemons thrown her way and shown us all that adding a little zest to life is what making lemonade is all about.”

Explaining the nature of her cerebral malformations, the fundraising page reads: “Neurologists and neurosurgeons at Children’s Hospital in Birmingham uncovered multiple cerebral malformations in Liza’s brain that require immediate attention to prevent further seizure, possible bl**ding or h**morrh-age, or str*ke.

“In most every instance of these rare malformations doctors only see one malformat-ion – in Liza’s case she has 3 – the first a Schizencephaly (or cleft) – the second a Par!etal Arter*ovenous Malformat-ion or AVM (you and I know it as an an*ury-sm) – and lastly, a Dural Arteriov-enous Fistula (DAVM) – or very rare vascular condition where abnormal connections fistulas are made between branches of arteries and veins.”

Clearly, her story has tugged at heartstrings, with her fundraising eff-orts bringing in more than $214,000 (£153,680) from more than 4,000 don-ors.

Liza is due to undergo her first operation on 8 March.