Man Canceled His First Date After Woman Told She ‘Never Wan’t To Go Black People Places

A 32-year-old b**** man canceled his date after a woman he’d been speaking to on Tinder for weeks said she ‘doesn’t go to b**** people places’. Nicky Sowemimo was taken aback when he got the message, just as they were about to meet for their first date at Soho Zebrano in London’s West End.


The unnamed whi-te woman said she was afr*id to go into the c**** bar by herself in case there were too many b**** people. She said she would not go to Caribbean food chain Rum Kitchen by herself again because she was ‘nearly the only one wh-ite person there’ last time.

A dumbfounded Nicky said: That’s… a strange thing to say’. He added: ‘Gonna be honest I really don’t like what you’re saying.

‘If you’re uncomfortable about b*** people why are we meeting?’ His date seems unrep-entant as she casually responds: ‘It’s cool we don’t have to meet up then.

Probably wasn’t meant to be then.’ The woman was aware of Nicky’s background and ethnicity when they first matched, which left him all the more surprised.

Recalling the date that never was, he told ‘If I’m honest there were a couple of questionable comments last week. Maybe I overlo-oked them and br-ushed them off. At the time it wasn’t enough for me to ass*m! the worst, I generally don’t ass*m! the w*r*t of people. ‘It all just kind of came out very quickly – it went from zero to 100.’

He was just yards from the bar before he stopped in his tracks and decided to abandon the date. Nicky added: ‘It’s not even a place that I would say is predomin-ately frequented by b**** people so that doesn’t make sense.

‘That’s actually quite a startling level of concern that you can’t actually go into this place. You’re that s!ar!d that you can’t go into it. ’ Sadly, he says he has met people before who cla!m they are not rac**t because they are dating someone of another ethnicity while avoiding places where they themselves are a m*nor*ty.

The communications officer added: ‘There are obviously people who date interracially but still have some quite unpleasant views. ‘I think maybe it’s something people don’t always realize they’re doing wrong.’ He says some people tr-eat their int*rrac*al relationships like a get out of jail free card and feel like they can’t be accused of *aci** because of it.

Nicky’s sister Annabel added: ‘Often it centers on the same hist-oric stereotypes of feeling unsafe or feeling that space is “ghetto”.

‘It’s not an uncommon issue that people are happy to date a bla-ck individual but want them to abandon any cultural ties at the front door. ‘It may not seem particularly sinister until you delve into bigger !ssu-es, start raising a family and then the overt r!c!sm is ev!dent.

’ Nicky seems to have dodged a bu-llet. Not only was his date pretty open about her r!c*st views, but she also doubled down on her b!gotr* after being bl-ock-ed on WhatsApp and Tinder. She told him: ‘I think it’s very rude just to blo-ck someone when traveling for 1.5 hours.

But it’s okay. I wish u all the best. ‘Probably one of the reasons to stay away from N!geri*ns. You’re just on a different level.’ Thankfully, Nicky has started spe-aking to someone else on Tinder who he hopes things are going well with.