Man Fo-rced His Horse To Drink A Bottle Of Cha-mpagne Now Faces Cha-rges By An Animal Welfare Group – VIDEO

A video has emerged that shows a horse being fo-rced to dr-ink down a full bottle of cha-mpagne after winning a prestigious race on the Spanish island of Majorca.

The footage was taken after the Manacor Grand Prix on Monday (12 October) and has been labeled ‘appa-lling’ by an animal welfare group.

The horse is called Helen Llinartix and in the video, a man can be seen holding the po-or creature’s re!ns as the man pours nearly a whole bottle of bo-oze down its thr-oat.

Even during the video, the horse looks very uncomfortable and can be seen to pu-ll its head away at one stage.Then, the man pours the final dr-egs of the spa-rkling w!ne over its head. He then k!sses the horse on the nose as the watching crowd cheers and claps in the background.

Speaking about the incident, Assaib – the Balearic Islands’ Animal Association – said: “This id!ot made the winning horse Helen Llinaritx dri-nk a bottle of cha-mpagne.”The person in the video has been sa-nctioned at European level for doping several competition horses.

“He has also been ba-nned from approaching horses. We have already lo-dged a formal compla!nt with the rel-evant authorities for animal m!streatment.”In a follow-up statement, they later added: “We would like to express our ind!gnation over what happened following the Manacor Grand Prix.

“It is clear from the footage that Helen Llinaritx is made to dr-ink a bottle of cha-mpagne while the rest of those present laugh at what is happening.”The individual who makes the horse dr-ink alc*hol has been san-ctioned by the French Trotting Association over the do-ping of four horses.”He’s been ba-nned from training horses in France for four years and was fi-ned £55,000.

“We consider this clear example of animal mi-streatment app-alling and once again it shows that this person doesn’t respect animals or the law.”The man at the heart of this outr-age has since cla!med the horse was given a mixture of elec-trolytes and am!no ac!ds instead of alc*hol, despite the fact that the bottle was a wine bottle and was fi-zzing at the top. Speaking to a radio station in France on Friday (16 October), he said: “The horse wasn’t tied up or fo-rced to do anything.”

The man was sentenced after four doping cases by the United States Tro-tting Association earlier this year and is currently ba-nned from French trotting events until 25 October 2023. The Majorca Equestrian Sports Institute has confirmed that an investigation has been launched and will be reported to the Civil Guard’s Nature Protection Service upon completion.

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