Black Man Keeps Puppy After ‘Karen’ Throws The Dog At Him During Err-atic Rant – VIDEO

We’ve been down the road before of watching a perfectly ha*mless puppy be ab*sed at the hands of a white woman while sp-ewing er-ratic, r*cist commentary. Does anyone remember the exhausting tale of Central Park Ka-ren?

On Friday, Twitter user “glogloglo,” also known as “Glomula” posted a clip which has since gone viral, showing an unnamed white woman who as she in*ults, hara*ses and as*aults him on an unknown street in California.

Sending a little forewarning that the videos below contain NSFW language. And, if you are an animal/dog lover, you will definitely be tr!ggered by the videos.

In the first video, Glomula is sitting in his car when the woman ac*uses him of voting for Donald Trump.

She then reaches into his window and attempts to h-it him while holding the dog.“What the f–k is wrong with you? Get the f—k out of here!” he says in response as he exits the car. She strangely answers, “An evil piece of s–t,” when he asks “What are you?”From there he continues recording her on the street as she stares blankly into his soul. They engage in some we-ird existential conversation after she asks him if he’s loved. As she states the obvious that he’s Bla-ck, Glomula goes from fru-stration to openly laugh at the woman.

When he asks, “Is that your dog?” she h*rls the dog at him in a spl!t second. The dog lands on the ground sque-aling, and then runs towards Glomula for safety as he tells her to back up.Glomula has also created a GoFundMe to raise money for the dog’s upkeep. In the link he reveals the dog’s name is now “Movie.”“Movie was saved from a ps-ycho Karen by the person she was thrown at this is for anyone who wants to help her!” he wrote on the GoFundMe page.

It also looks like you can follow Movie’s new journey on her Instagram page, at Movieflare.The situation is definitely one of the strangest things we’ve seen in an increasingly cha-otic year filled with fo-olishness.Hopefully Movie gets the love she deserves in her new home, away from the arms of her ab*ser.

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