Man Offering Free Lawn Care Services To Elderly, Di-sable People- Video

Everyone can make a difference! There are so many little acts of kindness that can go a really long way, and they don’t even have to be that big or cost a lot of money. The only limitation you have is locked in by your imagination. One man from Alabama is getting a lot of attention for his kindness. It all began in 2015 when Rodney Smith Jr. noticed an older man that was having a ha*d time mowing his lawn.

Smith didn’t he*i*ate to lend a hand. That’s when he realized he had so much he could give to others just like this man. Smith decided to make a lasting impact in his comm-unity by offering free lawn care services. Noticing the struggle for some individuals to keep their lawns maintained, Smith opened Raising Men Lawn Care Services, which provides free mowing services to the elderly, di!a!led, and single mothers.

While Raising Men Lawn Care Services foc-uses on providing free lawn care, Rodney explains that its reach goes much further than just that. This service also provides volunteer work positions for boys and girls. This is why he has started the “50 Yard Challenge,” which challenges kids aged 7 to 17 to mow lawns for their neighbors and, since May 2021, around 1,500 people have already participated.

By training young people to help their comm-unity, Rodney explains that he wants to give children a sense of accomplishment while enc-oura-ging them to assist those less fortunate. The ultimate goal is two-fold: Helping the needy with valuable services and fostering a servant-heart in children. It’s so amazing to see young people who are passionate about making a difference in the world.


Smith was only 15 when he offered to mow his elderly neighbor’s yard for the first time. “That night, I just decided I’ll start mowing free lawns for the elderly, di*ab*ed, single parents, and veterans. And eventually, that one small act of kindness changed my life forever,” Smith said in an interview with the Epoch Times. It was only a matter of time before others started to follow in Smith’s footsteps, and now children all over the country have taken part in volunteering.


“I remember one parent in Michigan,” Smith recalled. “She told me her son was iso-lated and he kept to himself. But when he started taking the 50 Yard Challenge, he started becoming friendly with everyone.” Helping others really can be a transformative experience. Satisfaction isn’t the only reward for the challenge; Smith has also offered T-Shirts from his organization, Raising Men Lawn Care Services, for those who participate.

“If they accept this challenge, they make a sign saying they accept the challenge and in return, we send them a white Raising Men, or even a Raising Women, T-shirt along with shades and ear protection,” Smith shared in the same interview. Inspiring others to help those who need it is one of the greatest acts of service you can offer. The Rai*ing Men organization is doing outstanding work. Smith shared, “Every single day I’m outside mowing free lawns for those in need, and it’s a beautiful thing to see kids wanting to do the same. No one’s forcing them, and they’re wanting to get out there and make a difference in their comm-unity—one lawn at a time.”