Man Who Escaped Alcatraz Sends A Letter To The FBI For Serve Another Year After Being Free For 50 Years

50 years after escaping the infamous Alca-traz, a man sends a letter to the FBI asking to go back.

While Alc-atraz Island is now a national park, it was once home to a federal pr!son that held some of the most dan*erous cr!minals in American history.

The pr!son cla!med that no one ever successfully escaped the facility: 36 pr!soners had tried. Some were caught, some were sh*t, and a few were never found but presumed to have dro-wned.

But In 1962, Three Men Carried Out One Of The Most Daring Pr!son Escapes In History Frank Morris, along with brothers John and Clarence Anglin, escaped from Alc-atraz.

The three were serving time for a few cr!mes, including bank ro*bery and car th*ft, when they chose to bre-akout.On June 11, 1962, the trio c-ut holes in their cell walls and fled outside the building through the ventilation staff.Before escaping, they also placed paper-mâché dummies in their beds to fo-ol the guards.

They then sc-aled the fence and fashioned a raft from raincoats and contact cement.It was around 10pm when they dived into the cold waters of the San Francisco Bay. The FBI Never Saw The Three Again: The FBI conducted a thorough investigation into the incident and eventually concluded the trio had dro-wned in San Francisco Bay.

However, there was no conclusive evidence to support this.Well, 50 years later, the FBI received this pe*uliar letter cla!ming to be from John Anglin.The Letter Said He, His Brother And His Mate Did Indeed Su*vive Their Bre-ak Out
It reads:“My name is John Anglin. I escape from Alc-atraz in June 1962 with my brother Clarence and Frank Morris.”“I’m 83 years old and in bad shape. I have canc-er.”

“Yes, we all made it that night but ba-rely! ‘Frank passed away in October 2005. His grave is in Alexandria under another name. My brother passed away in 2011.”“If you announce on TV that I will be promised to first go to ja!l for no more than a year and get medical attention, I will write back to let you know exactly where I am.” “This is no joke. This is for the real and honest truth.”

Is The Letter Genuine?San Francisco police did not make the letter public despite obtaining it five years earlier.And while investigating, Marshals and the FBI found a handwriting an-alysis inconclusive.If the letter was actually from Anglin, it looks like he lived in Seattle, North Dakota, and Southern California without authorities discovering.

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