Polyamorous Man Who Wants To Get Both Of His Wives ‘Pregnant At The Same Time’ Says ‘A Lot Of Hard Work’

A polyamorous throuple is planning to start a family together with the hopes of both women falling pregnant at the same time.

Jimmy Silva, 36, wants to get his long term partners – ChaCha, 32, and Summer, 26, – pregnant together so that they can experience and go through the process at the same time.

Speaking on their latest YouTube video, which was filmed back when the trio was on their ‘pre-honeymoon’, Summer asked: “Are we going to have babies after [the wedding]?”

Both Jimmy and ChaCha agreed that they would ‘right after’ and Summer said: “Oh my gosh, that’s crazy.” Then Jimmy said: “I wanna get both of them pregnant at the same time. So it’s a lot of work for me but I’ll do it. Someone’s got to do it here.”

Jimmy, a marketing director, met ChaCha in high school and the pair fell for each other instantly after being introduced by a mutual friend in April 2009. Their relationship quickly intensified and three years into their relationship they met Summer and both fell in love with her too.

A few months after forming a close friendship, they decided to officially enter into a polyamorous relationship in December 2012. Their relationship got serious in 2018 when ChaCha and Summer talked about having babies and settling down together. Jimmy got down on one knee to propose in April 2019, which was the same day of their 10-year anniversary.

The wedding preparations took six months to plan and they decided to go for the traditional ceremony in December 2019; ChaCha and Summer both wore white to the wedding with wa!st-length ve!ls. Both Summer and ChaCha’s families attended their wedding, however, Jimmy’s family were not convinced of his relationship and threatened to d!sown him when he invited them to the wedding.

While they are in a committed relationship, the three are mutually attracted to women and their fantasy is to include more women in their love triangle and also have babies in the near future. Speaking after their wedding, Summer said: “The wedding prep was probably stressful for everyone but us. We had an agreement to make the day the best it could be and didn’t let the little things get to us.

“We chose to take our own spin on a traditional ceremony and not see each other the night before the wedding.”ChaCha and I didn’t let Jimmy see the dresses either until the day of the wedding and that made the day really special for him because he felt that part was just for him.”We arrived, we all married each other in the presence of most of our family, we ate, we drank, and we danced the night away, it really was the most beautiful day of our polyamory relationship.”

Jimmy added: “We are still very much open; if we find a girl, we all like and we agree to take her on a date, that’s normally how it happens. “We are mutually attracted to women and we are open to the idea of more women joining our love and our life. Our current fantasy involves one or more women being int!mate with all of us at the same time.”

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