Meet The Awe-inspiring 13-Year-Old Athlete Who Faces The College Track Stars

A parent gets a vibe about their child’s skills and shortcomings. Kevin Patillo and his wife, Lt. Col. Sheree Patillo, knew their youngest girl would be a runner in life. What made them think so? The girl, Jaiya Patillo, tried to run in the walker. The 13-year-old Nebraska native girl has again gone viral after beating her record.

The young athlete entered an open meet at Sanford- jackrabbit Athletic Complex. The girl competed against college track stars. She grabbed first place by scoring 57.60. The young teen has never been afraid of challenges. Her challenges thrill her. In an interview, she shared that running with seniors is more challenging and exciting. It drives you to work harder and gives you a boost.

These seniors do not just run. They have a motive and zest because they are running for a scholarship or something. Thus, they have a lot at stake, and everyone is giving their best shot. In December, she will complete her eighth year on the running track. She has set her aims high. She hopes to be a part of the upcoming 2024 Olympics in Paris, France.

She has plans to start running for a 60-meter dash after taking a lengthy break for three years. There is much more to Jaiyo. This talented Black Teen is a social media influencer, actress, and model for Justice For Kids and Walmart. She has participated in various beauty pageants. The young girl is also associated with The Shriners Hospitals and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

When Jaiya is not practicing, she is studying hard. She is passionate about art. In her spare time, she paints and sells them online. Jaiya has a commendable support system. She is getting trained under her godmother Olympian Jackie Joyner Kersee. Her mother is posted at Offutt Air Force Base’s Field House. This is where the young girl is getting her running training.

Her parents are proud of all her achievements and hope she continues her hard work. The girl, however, is very humble. She feels she needs to train more and put in more effort. There is no arrogance or streak of over-confidence. We wish the young runner all the best and hope she continues to achieve her aims.