Michelle Obama The Most Being Inducted Into The U.S. National Women’s Hall

Forever First Lady Michelle Obama is being inducted into the U.S. National Women’s Hall of Fame, The Hill reports. The organization released a statement announcing the induction, noting Obama’s influ-ence as the first Bla*k First Lady and her tire-less advocacy for women and girls.

During her two terms in the White House, Obama established Let’s Move!, an organization centered around ending childho-od obesity, the Joining Forces organization supporting veterans, and Let Girls Learn, which supported the education of adole-scent girls.

In addition to her human-itarian work, Obama also released ”Becoming,” the best-selling memoir in 2018, and won the 2020 Grammy for Best Spo*en Word album.

The National Women’s Hall of Fame said Obama’s induction was due to her being an, “Advocate, author, lawyer, and 44th First Lady of the United States – the first Bla*k person to serve in the role – Michelle Obama has em-erged as one of the most influen-tial and !coni* women of the 21st century.

During her eight years as First Lady, Michelle Obama helped create the most welcoming and inclusive White House in history, transforming the White House into the ‘People’s House.’

Since leaving the White House, she has continued to have a profound public impact.” Obama is set to be inducted alongside the late iconic science fiction author Octavia E. Butler and NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson, who are both receiving posthu-mous inductions.

The U.S. National Women’s Hall of Fame ceremony will take place in person on October 2, 2021, at the National Women’s Hall of Fame in Seneca Falls, New York.