Missy Elliott’s Paid $1,300 To Buy The Dream Wedding Dress Of Her Close Fan

Missy Elliott is basically a Fairy Godmother! She made one Twitter user’s dreams come true when she paid for her dream wedding dress.

Ireanna Bradshaw, a soon-to-be bride shared an image of David’s Bridal dress alongside pictures of her and her future hubby on Twitter, explaining that she may not be able to afford the dress.

“Im getting Married in March &trying to move into our own place,” she wrote. “Excited but overwhelmed. I have been saving money; but its still a struggle. I found my dream dress and I want to get it so bad but between saving for the move- i dnt think it will be possible…..!”

The beautiful tulle, the off-the-shoulder gown has a sweetheart neckline and corset bodice embossed with a floral design that trickles down the skirt. The dress was priced at $1,300 at the time.

Bradshaw followed up with a tweet of her Cash App page. Many users replied in support of her, wanting to help—including one very unexpected user. Rapper Missy Elliott responded in the thread revealing she had paid for the dress in-full.

“Early Congratulations. May God Bless you both with an Unbreakable Union and full of Love & Happiness,” she wrote. In a second tweet, she added “Your Dress is paid for now. I don’t know you but I saw you said the dress of your dreams & figured I would help when I saw you post ya cash app. May Blessings pour on your Beautiful Wedding Day with your future husband.”

The bride-to-be was seemingly both surprised and excited. She responded to the rapper’s gesture saying, “Omg thank you so much…..I’m literally speechless. This is so sweet.” She even invited her to the wedding! “You can come if you want. I’d love to have you.”

Bradshaw told TMZ she saw Missy’s response while at a restaurant with her mother and br-oke into te-ars. She said that the rapper has been a long time inspiration in her life and has been a source of self-confidence and self-love. She added that Missy “literally made it possible for me to have my dream dress and be confident on the most precious day in my life.”

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