Hearttouching Moment: Mom Gets The Surprise From Military Son And It’s All Caught On Camera – VIDEO

There are some surprises that are good and then there are those surprises that are completely mind-blowing. This one certainly falls into category number two.

One military mom recently got a surprise of a lifetime. The best part is that it was all caught on camera. Betty thought that her family was getting together to take a family picture.

Sounds pretty reasonable, right? Her entire family was there and appeared to be waiting for the photo to be taken.There was even someone recording the whole “picture prep”.

They weren’t recording just for fun. There was a reason because there was a surprise coming. It didn’t have to do with who was there, but rather who wasn’t there.

One person was missing. One person who hadn’t been around in a while. Betty was about to found out. She was just sitting on the couch with her back turned to the doorway when she felt a tap on her shoulder. Who could it be? She wasn’t expecting anyone, but the rest of her family certainly was.

When Betty turned around to see who it was, she was sh*cked, to say the least. It couldn’t be! It was her son, a Marine who was dep-loyed and hadn’t been home in a year! Betty was overjoyed and started to scre-am in excitement! She certainly wasn’t expecting her son to be home. She even put up extra pictures of him around the house so that the family could see that he was doing well when they came to visit.

Betty didn’t think she was going to get to see him first hand. Mother and son hugged and were both so excited to see one another. The entire family shared in the happiness. Betty soon realized she was set up and that everyone was in on it…except for her. It’s times like these that you don’t mind someone pu-lling a fast one on you! Betty never thought that her son would be home that day, so it was a surprise indeed.

This mother’s emotion is one that is shared by many of the more than two million people who have viewed this video over the past six months. Here’s a quick sampling of some of the comments: “I understand the emotion. My husband came back after being overseas for a year and I absolutely fl!pped out when he showed to my parents’ house.”

“This country needs more stories like this right now. I’m in tears watching this. This marine is so loved and it shows.Thank you sir for your service to our country.”“I’m going to be like that when my son leaves & comes back home…he’s in the national guard.”“That warmed my heart so much, there were te-ars in my eyes before I knew it.”We’re not sure how long this young man got to spend with his family, but we’re pretty certain that every minute was cherIshed by all, especially his proud mama.

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