Cop Issued A Ticket To Mom Feeding Her Crying Baby Inside A Parked Car – VIDEO

Sometimes it’s hard being a parent. The things that you do for your kids could get you in tro*ble someday. This is what one New Yorker found out after the police gave her a ticket for bre*stfeeding a baby in her car.

Guillermina Rodriguez is a mother of four kids. Her youngest one is ba*ely a month old. On this particular day, Guillermina was driving through the streets of Manhattan when her youngest child began to c-ry.

Dist*ssed by her baby’s c*y in the back seat, she did what any loving mother would do. She looked for a good parking spot and stopped the car to feed the baby.

Since she was sitting at the back seat, it was hard to confirm whether anyone was inside the SUV. A cop doing patrols saw her car and called a tow truck to take it to the station for failing to pay her parking ticket.Luckily, she saw what was happening and ho*ked at the officer who then approached her.

The officer told the tow truck person to go away, then proceeded to give Guillermina a parking ticket. The police department has come out to protect one of their own by cla!ming that the officer didn’t see the baby as he was giving out the ticket.

In addition, the officer had no authority to get rid of the ticket. As it stands, Guillermina still has to pay a $115 ticket for parking in a commercial zone. She added that she had plans to contest the ticket in court and hoped a judge would decide in her favor.

If you were in Guillermina’s shoes, would you have done the same? Do you think the officer should have given the ticket?.

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