Mom Recorded Father And Toddler Adorable Conversation About Empire Finale – VIDEO

If you’ve been anywhere near the internet this week, you’ve probably come across this seriously heartwarming clip.Casually seated on the couch, a dad and his 18-month-old son have a full-on conversation.

The son might not form many actual words—but his hand gestures, mannerisms, and expressions are all *entirely* on point. It’s a precious moment to behold—and the internet could barely handle it.

Since it was posted on Tuesday night, the video has been viewed over 39M times. I even saw it pop up in Will Smith’s IG feed. We caught up with proud parents DJ and Shanieke Pryor, who was appropriately blown away by the public reaction to this clip that sat in Shanieke’s camera roll for about a month before she posted it.

They’ve been touched by how the captured moment has resonated and spread joy to so many. The Pryors say their boy has been a character from day one—often cra-cking his parents up with his expressions and hand gestures.

Shanieke, who is a full-time RN and a full-time mom, says, “With the joy that he’s bringing—and the laughs that are in the house—it could be the littlest thing, but he honestly just amazes us, this little mind.”DJ continues.

“I know every parent probably thinks this—but seeing his growth every day and how he interprets what he sees—it’s thr!lling to me.” We love how this video captures such a sweet and hilarious moment shared between father and son.

DJ is a comedian as well as a dad, and it seems clear that Kingston inherited some of his father’s timing. Shanieke says she sees her husband in her son every day. “I just love their bond overall with each other. I look at Kingston and think, he acts just like you—some of it he hasn’t even learned yet, it’s just within him. It’s a beautiful thing to watch.” Shanieke’s initial video post included the hashtag #HeNeedsHisOwnShow. We agree. And if it gets greenlit—we’ll be here for it.

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