Mom Sells Biscuits To Make Daughters Dreams Of Becoming A Pilot Come True

Only a mother can understand the desire of her child. Mothers work day and night to fulfill the needs of their kids. When it comes to education, a mother does not leave any stone unturned. Lulu Ralehoko, a mother from a middle-class family is no exception. She is raising money for her daughter by selling biscuits. She wants her daughter to become a pilot.

Lulu Ralehoko, a South African mother, is commended for launching a company. The funds generated by the company will allow her 23-year-old daughter, Tshepang, to pursue a career as an airline pilot. From childhood, she always dreamt of flying an aeroplane and touching the sky.

Her mother and aunt are on a mission to produce numerous buckets of freshly baked biscuits and scones. Duo has earned 100,000 South African Rand, equal to $6,800 US dollars, till now. Tshepang feels blessed to have a great, hardworking and supportive mother.

Tshepang has got admission to Blue Chip Flight School in Pretoria. With a lot of enthusiasm, she started taking her flight classes. She is indeed a dedicated student. However, the money earned was insufficient to get her a private pilot’s license. More funds are needed to raise to get her a commercial pilot’s license. 

The purpose of the biscuits sold is unique. For this reason, maximum people are placing their orders of purchase and showing their support. Tshepang’s mother has made a Facebook page that has gone viral. They started getting online orders through WhatsApp. They are not asking for donations but rather for snacks that everyone enjoys.

Her Aunt Doris Temba, feeling emotional, shared that Tshepang is so passionate about becoming a pilot that we can see it in her eyes while talking about aviation. The idea of flying the aircraft makes her feel excited, and her expressions change. We wish good luck to the young girl in fulfilling her dream and becoming a role model for others. Fly high and live your dreams girl!