NBA Legend Shaq Blesses Family Of With His Generosity Of Donating Two Cars

Compassion is all about giving love to others. The world has very rare genes left who feel contented to serve happiness. Selflessly diagnosing and providing the basic requirements of the needy is above the worship of any lord. Giving value to the sentiments of others is a unique gesture. Once again, the NBA legend Shaquille O’ Neal came forward to help a family in need.

Shaq, a former basketball star, has often helped others with unaffordable financial aid beyond comparison or praise. He had often bestowed needy ones with his philanthropic nature. Maintaining the spontaneous flow of his generous deeds, he added to the happiness of another family by gifting them two cars. The family of 11 members used to face difficulties while commuting.

To help them commute easily from one place to another, Shaqs gifted them with two cars! Karissa and Mandrae Collins, from Haslet, Texas, had nine kids. Shaq astonished the Collins by treating the whole family to dinner in a renowned restaurant, “Babes Chicken. Karissa appreciated Shaq’s kind gesture on her Instagram profile which has 350 K followers.

The celebrity met her on Instagram. To make them feel happy, Shaq paid them a surprise visit. He entertained the kids, played with them, and gifted them games and clothes. He also shared a few parenting tips with the family. Later, he walked into the local Mercedes store and bought a new custom 15-seater van for the family. Kids felt overwhelmed by his token of love and kindness and hugged him hard.

The series of bombshells did not pause here. The gem of the black community again treated the family to dinner at the popular Rainforest cafe. He generously paid for the meals of another table, even though they were unknown to him. He gave a handsome tip of $1000 to the waitress whose car went out of order that day. The gestures of a magnificent man continued to amaze the family.

Shaq noticed the mal-functionalities of the commercial vehicle of the family. The heating system and air conditioning were not working in their truck. The star took the family to the Ford showroom and purchased a Ford truck for the family. The family had no words to express gratitude to the star. They acknowledged his selfless action and appreciated the time spent with the family, guiding all of them with his wisdom.

It gave a new spark to their lives. A Series of surprises from the legend has embraced the family. He is a benevolent guy with incredible gestures to spread happiness without discrimination. He has brought pride to his black community. Such iconic people encourage other millionaires to become compassionate and live as humans should.