Neighbours Called The Police About An 11-Year-Old Boy Selling Beer, And Officers Laughed And Posed With Him

Some children find communicating with other kids quite challenging. They prefer to stay alone and to remain in their shell. Here is when the family needs to step in and help the child. Instead of comparing or bullying, find a healthy way to let the child out. Here is a story about an 11-year-old boy, Seth Parker and how his dad helped him overcome his apprehensions.

Seth and his family reside in Brigham City, Utah. This boy with the help of his dad set up a business. Surprised? There is more! The sixth grader set up a stand advertising “ Ice Cold Beer.” Understandably, it caught the attention of the neighbors and by-passers. They alerted the Authority. The entire scenario changed when the cops arrived. When the cops checked the advertising board, they realized that the boy was selling IBC roots.

He carefully mentioned ‘root’ above the ‘beer’. The cops laughed and appreciated the young boy for his business intellect and advertising skill. They all posed and took a photograph together. Parker has now gone viral after the Brigham City Police Department took to social media and posted his photographs on their page. People are full of applause and appreciation for the young entrepreneur.

Alan is all the more excited and buckled up now that the local kids are appreciating him as well. He has strategically placed his stand outside The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Upon asking, Seth explained that he chose the place because it has shade and a parking lot, making it a convenient location for his customers to pull off their cars.

Parker’s dad is proud of the transition in his son’s personality. More than the profit he is making, Alan’s dad is happy that now he is communicating with people and is more at ease. Our society needs more encouraging families to develop a healthy future. And Alan, way to go boy! You are an inspiration.

Here is how people are reacting to the post:Jason M Perretta – “ That is some savage advertising! This kid is gonna go places! Very cool young man! Well played!! Hope sales were good!!!”Keith Mulder – “ I imagine the people calling the cops on this kid would like to speak to a manager.”