O.C. Star Samaire Armstrong Pledge Her Support For Donald Trump 2020 After Expressing Her Ire For BLM – VIDEO

Samaire Armstrong is voting for Donald Trump in November — and she wants you to know why.

“The O.C.” alum posted an impassioned video on Instagram on Thursday, in which she cr!ticized the “Left m-ob” for att*cking free speech, while praising the President for helping Bla-ck people, minority groups and other countries of the world.

“I’m voting #Trump2020, and this is why,” she captioned the vid. “This is MY opinion. I am sharing it with you at the cost of everything, because it is my right. It is your right to ref-ute it.”

In the seven minute video, she insisted she wasn’t a traditional conservative, or even a Republican. “I’m actually an independent,” she said. “I do look at both sides of the party system and assess what’s going on.”

She labeled career politicians like Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris “out of their minds,” cla!ming they have not done anything to solve the systemic rac!sm their followers bla-me on newcomer Trump.She acc*sed the Left of fa-wning over Barack Obama, who she cla!med did actually did nothing for the country.

“‘Oh, Obama, our first Bla-ck President, this is so awesome’… ” she mo-cked. “What did he do? What was his success other than being a Bla-ck President? Did Chicago get any better?” To Democratic voters she said: “You’re part of the problem because you’ve been du-ped into believing that the Democratic Party are for the people, and this idea — that’s been massly pu-shed by the media — that Republicans are naturally rac!st people is insulting, fr-ightening, and da-ngerous.”

She said the truth was Republicans just didn’t want “big Government” in their business — and you shouldn’t either.She sco-ffed at the idea Governments should “take care of everybody”, because they are not structured to do that. The US cannot be compared to Sca-ndinavian countries that manage it, she added, because they are smaller.

“Taxing the rich gets in the way of providing jobs for people,” she insisted.She sla-mmed the ero-sion of freedom of speech or thought, adding that anyone who supports Trump is branded a “brainwashed idi-ot.”The “D!rty Se*y Money” star also questioned what she called the overreaction to Covid, cla!ming 8,000 people generally d!e in the US every week anyway.

“Saying ‘I’m a believer in science, I’m a science believer’… that doesn’t mean you’re looking into the science; it proves you’re parr-oting a narrative that’s been painted that people on the right don’t believe in science.””I’m not saying climate change isn’t happening — absolutely, it happens all the time. We were once in an Ice Age, we are now not,” she said. “It’s seasonal, every year, every century.”

She went on to argue that Donald Trump — whom she also voted for in the last election — “isn’t even technically a Republican himself.” “He’s always socially at heart been a Democrat — a liberal, I should say. Because he believes in social equality. So this fallacy that he’s an evil rac!st, b!got is f–ing bullsh!t.”

She concluded: “We are r!ddled with fear right now over speaking; and in America, that’s our right. We have the right to speak out on this.”In her stories afterwards, she shared dozens of examples of people from around the world saying they agreed with her; even fellow actor Josh Brolin liked her post. In posts made earlier this week, the 39-year-old actress also branded the Bl-ack Lives Matter movement a “billion dollar domestic te*rorist organization”, and admitted she regretted speaking on its behalf in the past.”It’s ok to speak out aga!nst the fasc!st, far left m-ob,” she wrote. “Call a spa-de, a spa-de.”

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