Paige Spiranac Practicing Her Golf Swing In A Uncomfortable Shirt Which Exposing Much Of Her Cu*ves – VIDEO

EX-golf pro-Paige Spiranac showed she’s still got it… while wearing a daring low-cut top. The 27-year-old is no stranger to fla-unting her f!gure to her 2.9million followers while du-sting off her clubs.

And she was at it again last week when she headed to the driving range to hit a few balls. Revealing her swing to the camera, Spiranac almost undergone a wardrobe malfunction at the top of her backswing.

Uploading the video to Instagram, she captioned it: “Guys it happened today.”I finally found a shirt that even made me uncomfortable with the amount of skin showing.

“Took one swing and quickly put my jacket back on.”Spiranac, who is also a model and podcast host, turned pro in 2015 after playing college golf for the University of Arizona and San Diego State University.

A 2015 article about Spiranac on Total Frat Move resulted in her Instagram following jumping from under 10,000 to over 100,000 in under two days.

She often captures her audience’s attention with a string of golf tutorials with plenty of skin on show. She is known for her outspoken off-course ane-cdotes which she shares on her podcast Playing-A-Round.

Speaking about her golf career, she said: “Golf is elitist, it’s stuffy, it’s exclusive – and I h*te that because I am not that and I was never welcomed in and I’m still not welcomed in.

“It’s like my whole life I’m trying to find a place where I can fit in and that I feel comfortable and that I feel at peace with myself and I haven’t found that.

“Golf is the absolute wo*st place for me to be because I am the exact opposite of everything that a golfer should encompass, should be, and I’m not.“I’m not ref!ned, I’m r-aw and real and I wear what I want and I have always been so different and golf is not that way.”Spiranac has also received cr!ticism in the past for ‘se*ualizing women’s golf’.

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