People Appreciating Bikers Group For Completing 83-Year-Old Gran Last Wish To Ride Harley Davidson- VIDEO

Bikers from around the UK turned up to the home of a term-inally il-l great-grandmother, to help her live out her dy!ng wish of riding on the back of a Harley Davidson.

Anne Turner, 83, had wanted to ride one of the famous American motorbikes all her life and, thanks to a social media call out from her daughter Rachael, she got to live out her fantasy in style.

Rachael was stu-nned to be inundated with hundreds of calls and messages from bikers nationwide and was even more surprised when around 60 of them turned up to her mother’s home in Balham, south London.

Anne got to try four different Harleys before choosing one to sit on and go for a sp-in – alb-eit on the back as a rider safely drove to nearby Tooting Common and back again, to cheers from a gathering crowd of dozens.

She was also made an honorary member of the He-lls Angels and ‘kni-ghted’ with one of their t-shirts. Having fini-shed her ride, Anne said: “Today’s been absolutely brilliant, people have been so kind.”You hear ho-rrible things that go on in the world, and then you hear something like this. So there is more good than bad people.

“I don’t call them He-lls Angels, I call them kni-ghts of the re-alm.”Her daughter Rachael said she was taken aback at how many people had got in touch offering to help.” My phone was going crazy, I had hundreds upon hundreds of messages offering to come, it was mad” she said.

“There were about 50 or 60 bikers, in the end, they came from all over the country. One woman got her bike MOT’d and fixed up just to come out for mum. One man gave her a scarf he’d taken on all his rides. It really captured a lot of people’s imagination, there were so many positive comments on social media.”

Rachael said that her mother had wanted to ride a Harley for years – since she herself was a little girl – and the moment was everything she’d hoped for. “She was cr-ying, she was laughing, people were cheering her name, she was so happy she got to do the one thing she wanted,” her daughter said. “We thought she was only going to be able to sit on one, but she managed to go for a ride. She said it was the most amazing experience she ever had.” The special event came just in time as sadly Anne, who is su-ffering from two types of canc-er, deter!orated shortly after and is now bed-ridden. However, it’s heart-warming indeed to know that she got one almighty final send-off.

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