People Want Rapper Corey Miller To Remain ‘Locked Up’ For Dating Minor 16-Year-Old Monica

It seems to be that the focus has slowly and surely begun to shift away from the original intent pertaining to Corey Miller’s case and those involved in now trying to achieve his freedom.

It’s been reported that Monica and Kim Kardashian have joined fo*ces to form a legal team to go on his behalf in his case.

Since then, Master P, brother to Corey Miller, has had confl!cting feelings, including questioning the intentions and loyalty of Corey Miller’s ex-girlfriend, Monica.

Corey Miller has been serving a life sentence since August 2009. His conv!ction has been contr*versial for many due to reports of d!sreputable behavior from law enfo*cement and some jurors.

Requests of an investigation by the NAACP into the jury del!berations revealed that Bla-ck jurors were verbally ab*sed and pressured by white jurors in order to affirm a gu!lty verdict.

Many appeals have been overturned, as his conv!ction has been upheld. It was even revealed by two key witnesses in 2018 that they were pressured by detectives and co*rced to testify aga!nst Miller, thereby rec*nting their testimonies.

Master P brought up the fact that he and his family have spent millions of dollars towards the f!ght for his brother’s freedom, while initially expressing gratitude to Kim K and Monica for their efforts. “Louisiana is ser!ous,” he said in a video. “We done spent millions of dollars throughout all these years and, you know, this place has a lot of corruption. Hopefully, Kim K and her celebrity status– but, this is not going to be easy.”

Well, with the past being resurfaced around this case, one thing that’s being brought to the forefront is Monica’s age at the time she and Corey Miller were in a relationship. Multiple sources have said the two dated between April 1997 and August 1998. This information would place Monica at the age of 16 (she was born on October 24, 1980) and Miller at 26 (born March 9, 1971), making her a minor at the time.

Rumors sw!rled that the two were engaged briefly, but the relationship would end and she would soon thereafter date Jarvis Weems, who committed su!cide in front of her at the gr*vesite of his brother. She then dated rapper Rodney “Rocko” Hill, becoming engaged and sharing two sons amongst each other. Their relationship ended, and she went on to date and later marry NBA player Shannon Brown, and the two have a daughter. They have since d!vorced.

Corey Miller shared in a recent post what he said to Monica prior to his inca*ceration. “Moses when they took me I told you go live your life because you didn’t deserve what the system was about to do to me,” he said. “You still stood for me, without me asking created a team that could change the outcome of a very unfair fa-te! You been Forever Tru , One in a Lifetime!! at monicadenise got em saying #FreeCoreyMiller.”

Now that this information is coming out fans feel like Monica needs to move on, and keep him where he is. One person writes on social media “Let me move my b*ng… Monica was 16 and Corey Miller was 26? Oh ok keep him l*cked up.”

Another fan wrote “Monica was always the side ch!ck. “Monica was the minor who had a gro-wn man gro-oming her. The language people use to absolve men of any accountability is so d!sgusting. Of course, Monica is a gr-own woman now.But C grooming her as a teen definitely factors into things TODAY.”

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