Picture Of Children Praying For “Everybody” On The First Day Of School After Losing Their Home

The first day of school is memorable for every child. The picture taken on the first day of school is unforgettable for every child. The photographs of the three kids, Eugene jacobs, 10, Jordon jacobs, 8, and Emily Jacobs,7, taken on the first day of their academic year 2019-2020, went viral. Local news, WAFB, shared the epic photograph.When the world has faced various disasters and tragedies, a family holds on to their belief.

Jamisha Jacob, a resident of Louisiana, turned to God when everything started to fall apart. She took the photograph of her three kids praying for the well-being of every person before they went to their school, Idea Bridge Academy. It is thinkable for someone living a comfortable life, praying for the well-being of others. It is, however, soul-touching when kids who had lost their home a day before decide to hold on to faith.

It is appreciable that these kids prayed for the safety and happiness of others. Jamisha and her husband both lost their jobs. Due to the financial crisis, they lost their home as well. The lady didn’t let the adverse situation affect her belief. She found her solace in prayers.In an interview, she shared that with all the violence and tragic incidents happening, she felt uncertain about the safety of her kids while sending them out.

Thoughts that she is not with her kids to protect them were scary. She found prayers to keep her sanity intact and helped her stay in control. The family decided to pray every day before leaving for school for the well-being of everyone. They didn’t just pray for themselves but the whole community. They would pray for the teachers, fellow students, friends, family, drivers, and other community members.

The family prayed for society to be less violent and more compassionate. The community appreciated the Black family. They found the teachings of Jamisha worth appreciating. In this world of uncertainty and selfish motives, she instilled traits like belief, kindness, love, and compassion towards all in her children. The viewers appreciated the family for the kind of compassion they have for society.

The Jacob family has raised a GoFundMe account to get some help to overcome their financial difficulties. We appreciate the family. We hope their prayers and good deeds come back and work for them. We hope their problems get resolved, and they live comfortable and stable life.