Police Officer Surprises Girlfriend During Pretend Traffic Stop With Real Proposal

How exciting to witness a surprise proposal! When someone bows down to propose to you in the middle of traffic while people are watching the magical moment. How can anyone refuse? The car of Alexis McCart was pulled over when she was hanging out with her friends in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

Initially, she was not aware why police officer Michael Peterson had done this. Later, she was thrilled to know that it was his boyfriend, Officer John Heart of the DeKalb County Police Department. He was waiting for her and planned to stop and propose to her with a diamond ring.

Officer Heart proposed to her after four years of dating. The McCart, of course, accepted the proposal. The plan to surprise his fiancée came a few hours before. It all happened with the support of the Lawrenceville Police Department and officer Peterson and Patrick Rose. McCart’s friends also helped him to keep her occupied by an outing to a restaurant. Heart arrived at the spot in Rose’s car and waited for the moment to happen. After towing the car, police pretended to look for the Walmart suspect.

John planned to take a friend from another agency to pull over the car. His friend drove the car and kept the gift in his car’s backseat. It was the plan to picture Heart and her fiancé. McCart was asked to step out of the car, which is usually not done. She was inquired about her previous whereabouts. The enquiry made her anxious. She was getting nervous about the whole incident.

Meanwhile, her friend gifted her a calendar. She was getting confused, but when she turned around and saw John on one knee with a diamond ring. She couldn’t keep her excitement.  The couple has yet to decide their wedding date. McCart has many plans for the wedding. She wants a barbecue meal because it is her favourite meal. She wishes to have an outdoor wedding. We congratulate the new couple and give our best wishes.